How to Find Someone With a People Search Detective Agency

If you need to locate someone, either for a court case, background check, or employment screening, you’ll probably want to hire a private investigator. They can use public and private databases to find the person quickly and efficiently.


Look for a reputable people search detective agency with reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Also, ask about their guarantee.

Background Checks

When a company is hiring new employees, it’s important to make sure they’re getting the best possible candidate. A background check is an excellent way to ensure you’re choosing the right person. It allows you to investigate work history, reasons for termination and criminal records. Private investigators can uncover additional details that aren’t accessible through online searches and other public records.

Whether you’re concerned about your sister’s new boyfriend, a coworker’s new colleague or qualifying your next tenant applicant, a thorough background investigation can provide peace of mind. Our detective agency offers a wide range of background checks, including national and state criminal records and bankruptcy information. We can also conduct financial searches, looking for state and federal tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies or hidden assets.

When you’re choosing an investigative firm, be sure to read reviews from their previous clients on Yelp or Google. Look for an agency with a solid reputation and a professional office. Using an unlicensed or online vendor could result in an inflated cost or inaccurate results. If the company you’re considering is licensed, they should be listed with the state licensing board and have a physical address. This is important, as many private investigators operate out of their homes or basements. A reputable firm should be able to show you their license and insurance certificate when you visit them.


When a person decides to hide themselves from public view, private investigators have the skills and resources necessary to find them. They can conduct surveillance and interviews to gather as much information as possible about the subject. They can also use technology, such as GPS tracking, hidden cameras, and microphones to document activities.

The PI can then look into public records to see what information they can find about the person. This may include government records, bank statements, credit bureau reports, and online social networks. Private investigators are trained to abide by privacy laws and not conduct any illegal surveillance.

Once they have gathered enough information, the PI will then start to do surveillance of the target. This will include observing the person’s behavior and seeing where they are going throughout their day. It may also involve conducting interviews with other people who have contact with the person.

Once a PI has established that a person is trying to hide from public view, they will try to determine their motivation. Usually, this will involve interviewing other people who know the person to gain as much information as possible. It is also important to note that surveillance can be dangerous, as the PI might get “burned” and become aware of their presence. If this occurs, the PI might need to end the investigation and leave.

Missing Persons Cases

Most missing person cases begin when a family member goes to the police station to report someone who is missing. The first thing the police officer asks them is how long the person has been missing. The answer to this question is very important as it indicates the level of urgency of the case and whether the police believe that the missing person is in danger.

Licensed investigators offer an investigative service that can provide a powerful and effective solution to missing persons investigations. Using advanced research skills, communication intelligence, traditional tracing techniques and direct access to state and federal databases in foreign jurisdictions, private investigators are adept at finding people who are missing.

Many of these searches are complicated because they require knowledge of local laws and the ability to work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure that all legal channels are explored. The best investigators for missing person cases also have a great deal of experience in working with family members and loved ones to come to terms with the possibility of losing a family member or friend.

North American Investigations is a company that specializes in this type of investigation. They have helped clients find lost loves, friends and relatives who had been missing for upwards of fifty years. The results of these cases have been very positive for their clients and have allowed them to come to a place of closure.

Asset Searches

Asset searches can be used in a variety of situations. Often they are done to verify the financial worthiness of a potential business partner as part of due diligence investigations. Other times they are conducted to find a person’s hidden assets in cases where someone is trying to avoid paying a debt or judgment. Our PIs are experienced in conducting these types of investigations and can uncover cash, vehicles, stocks, real estate, lines of credit, bank accounts and other types of assets.

One of the most common uses for this type of investigation is to find a person who is hiding assets during the divorce process. This is a problem because it prevents the other spouse from receiving their fair share of the marital assets. In this case, a thorough search of the person’s public and private records can help you to locate these assets.

We can also conduct nationwide searches of personal and business bank assets. This may be important to you if you are a business that is looking for the net worth of a company or if you have filed suit against an individual and need to know what their regular income is so that you can collect on the court-ordered judgment. A successful lawsuit isn’t worth much if the debtor has no assets that can be collected.